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  • Who says we're not already?
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    James Webb

         Just found out today James Webb telescope is delayed now until 2020.  Very unhappy about that because I think it's going to likely make the presence of alien life undeniable.  But I'd rather than take their time and get it right than put it up with a defective mirror or something like Hubble.  It will be too far away from Earth for service missions so it's got to be right the first time around.
  • This is one of many interviews Steven Greer did. I have heard from other sources that one specific technology that the SR71 gained was the idea to put charge the exhaust thereby charging the craft to a very high voltage that ionized the air in front of it and then by electrostatic repulsion pushed the air away so there is less heating of the surfaces.
  •      NASA has found many planets that are Earth like in mass and in a stars Goldilocks zone.  The Goldilocks zone is the distance from a star where the star receives enough heat to be warm enough to have liquid water but not so warm as to boil all the water into a vapor.      NASA has hyped finding many of these planets but the vast majority have been around Red Dwarfs.  The Trappist 1 star system is one such example.  These are often touted as being good candidates for life.  I disagree.      Planets orbiting a red dwarf star would need to be orbiting very closely in order to receive enough heat from a red dwarf.  Planets orbiting in such a close proximity to their star would be gravitationally locked.  That is to say one side of the planet would always be facing the star because tidal forces would halt the rotation.  Unless such a planet, unless it possessed an extremely thick atmosphere, would be very warm on one side and several hundred degrees below on the other.  All water...

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    Nanook created the group ET
         This group is primarily concerned with intelligent technologically developed extraterrestrial life.  Extraterrestrial here is used in the widest possible sense, outside of Earth, it might be physically outside from another body in this solar system or others.  It may be life that somehow found a way to travel from a parallel universe to this one.  Or it may be life on another level altogether, outside of time like the wormhole beings  in Deep Space Nine, or spiritual beings from an entirely different plane.      My interest results from an encounter I had with a vehicle and it's occupants that weren't from Kansas.  These beings I do believe were from another planet orbiting some distant star system.  They had a technology that was definitely physical in nature.  What I know from this encounter, it is possible for beings from other planets to get here in spite of the vast differences.  This would only be possible if it is either possible to exceed light speed or artificially warp...

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