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    Brian Aubert

         I posted on the blog a song that Brian performed at KNDDs Beach House, I just wanted to say he was a great guy to meet in person, very cordial.  This was back around the time Carnavas came out.
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    Nanook created the group Music
    I like almost all genres of music, exceptions being Rap and new style R&B which is, Rap.  And I'm less fond of disco than most genre's but even there there are some songs I like.  I always enjoy it when I find a new sound that resonates within me in some way.  I created this group to share some of the stuff I like and welcome others to do the same.  I tend to focus on stuff that is not current mainstream, either under appreciated acts that I feel deserve more exposure, or good stuff from the past that's been forgotten by mainstream media.  If you just post the URL of a youtube video it will show up here.  Also if you have an interest not represented on this site yet, please feel free to add your own group.

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