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  •      I think the first thing we have to do is to accept the fact that physically we all die.  There is no such thing as absolute safety.  The attempt to achieve absolute safety requires the total elimination of freedom but even still is just an attempt.  Even if we can control people, an absurd notion in and of itself, we can not control all the variables of nature.      Is it more important to maximize the total number of seconds we spend on this rock or to make every second we are here count?  I think the latter and doing so requires admitting that some element of risk is necessary for every moment to count and thus to have a meaningful life we must accept that it may not be the longest possible life.      In my lifetime I have seen a dramatic shift away from the notion of making life meaningful towards maximizing life spans even if that time is spent staring at the walls of a cubical.      Agenda 21 aims to put us all in 6x8 foot cubicles with no heat, no cooling, and no powered...
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    Freedom How

    Freedom When I was a kid I was told we were free.  Now that I'm an adult I know this was entirely bullshit.  But I think it's a worthwhile goal even though it does not and really has never existed in this country and perhaps in any.

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    Freedom What can we do to achieve it?

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