•      Nootropics are substances which enhance mental functionality without causing harm.  They may be natural substances, extracts from natural substances, modified natural substances, or wholly synthetic chemicals.  To be considered a nootropic they must be free from harmful or dangerous side effects.
  •      I've created this group specifically as a place to make suggestions for extensions or improvements to this new site.
  •      This group is primarily concerned with intelligent technologically developed extraterrestrial life.  Extraterrestrial here is used in the widest possible sense, outside of Earth, it might be physically outside from another body in this solar system or others.  It may be life that somehow found a way to travel from a parallel universe to this one.  Or it may be life on another level altogether, outside of time like the wormhole beings  in Deep Space Nine, or spiritual beings from an entirely different plane.      My interest results from an encounter I had with a vehicle and it's occupants that weren't from Kansas.  These beings I do believe were from another planet orbiting some distant star system.  They had a technology that was definitely physical in nature.  What I know from this encounter, it is possible for beings from other planets to get here in spite of the vast differences.  This would only be possible if it is either possible to exceed light speed or artificially warp...
  • This site and the majority of Eskimo North's services utilize Ubuntu as the underlying operating system.  As much as possible, I try to keep things current. This is a place for people new to Linux to learn about one of the better distributions and for those who are more experienced to share their knowledge with each other and with up and coming new Ubuntu users.
  • Freedom What can we do to achieve it?
  • I like almost all genres of music, exceptions being Rap and new style R&B which is, Rap.  And I'm less fond of disco than most genre's but even there there are some songs I like.  I always enjoy it when I find a new sound that resonates within me in some way.  I created this group to share some of the stuff I like and welcome others to do the same.  I tend to focus on stuff that is not current mainstream, either under appreciated acts that I feel deserve more exposure, or good stuff from the past that's been forgotten by mainstream media.  If you just post the URL of a youtube video it will show up here.  Also if you have an interest not represented on this site yet, please feel free to add your own group.
  •      This is my stab at a social media site.  Right now just a bit of frame work in place.

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