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  •      I tried ginko and unfortunately was quite allergic to it.  Developed hives, so took some benedryl which puts me to sleep and didn't repeat.  Substance I've found most useful are fasoracetam, prl-8-53, and piracetam, the latter though for tinnitus which for me it almost totally eliminates.  Faso for overall cognitive performance, and prl-8-53 for memory.
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    Brian Aubert

         I posted on the blog a song that Brian performed at KNDDs Beach House, I just wanted to say he was a great guy to meet in person, very cordial.  This was back around the time Carnavas came out.
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         Next to good old caffeine, racetams are the oldest and most widely recognized nootropics substance, and Piracetam is the oldest and most well studied of the bunch.  I first started taking piracetam about eight years ago and at that time I was looking for a cognitive benefit, and while I did find some benefits, for example, the first time I took it I then went to a local bar that used to make really good fish and chips (it has sold and they are now shit), it was very busy almost all the tables were occupied.  I noticed subtleties in the color of the wood door that I had never noticed before.  It was as if someone turned the vibrance knob up on the world television set.  The second thing I noticed was that I could follow half a dozen conversations at half a dozen different tables simultaneously.  The last thing was that I could remember a few more digits in a digit string memory test, enough to remember a ten digit telephone number sometimes heard several days before.  But that was...
  •      Since upgrading to Bionic I've had issues with Ethernet periodically hanging.  I've been able to stop it by disabling some of the hardware offload functions.  I placed this command in /etc/rc.local so that it gets executed with every boot:       /sbin/ethtool -K enp0s31f6 gso off gro off tso off      Substitute the name of your ethernet device for enp0s31f6.  Gotta love the new Netplan naming (yuck).