I think the first thing we have to do is to accept the fact that physically we all die.  There is no such thing as absolute safety.  The attempt to achieve absolute safety requires the total elimination of freedom but even still is just an attempt.  Even if we can control people, an absurd notion in and of itself, we can not control all the variables of nature.

     Is it more important to maximize the total number of seconds we spend on this rock or to make every second we are here count?  I think the latter and doing so requires admitting that some element of risk is necessary for every moment to count and thus to have a meaningful life we must accept that it may not be the longest possible life.

     In my lifetime I have seen a dramatic shift away from the notion of making life meaningful towards maximizing life spans even if that time is spent staring at the walls of a cubical.

     Agenda 21 aims to put us all in 6x8 foot cubicles with no heat, no cooling, and no powered transportation.  I'm all for saving the planet but I don't think it's necessary to decimate our own race to do so.  Agenda 21 seeks to place all of humanity into a handful of ultra-dense ultra-compact mega-cities and leave the rest of the planet to nature.  In short Agenda 21 seeks to save nature by separating man from nature, but the big fallacy in this approach is that man is a part of nature.

     I am not going to suggest that we should ignore real issues like climate change, habitat destruction, pollution.  But I think there are alternate solutions to treating everyone like cattle, herding us into mega-cities, and forcing us to live totally meaningful lives in order to minimize consumption.

     I think Agenda 21 takes us down a road does not lead towards a future we want, and ignoring the environment, as Trump would have us do, also takes us towards a future that we would not want.

     There are alternatives that I think would make a bright future both for mankind and the world.  We have the technology necessary to allow individuals the freedom to move about and travel and lead a decent standard of living without destroying the planet.  They take more thought, work, and effort, but they are doable.

     Tesla is a good example.  It was said that electric vehicles were impractical because of their limited range.  Elon Musk headed up a successful effort to produce a vehicle that could go 300 miles on a charge, and now one that can go nearly 800 miles on a charge.  Now he is extending this to trucks and they will be superior in every way to their diesel counterparts.

     In my view electrification of the transportation sector, rather than elimination of it, is a very necessary step to a sustainable and desirable future.  It is something doable.

     Controlled hydrogen fusion is another key technology, one that hasn't been made workable yet but one that we understand the science well enough to know, given enough effort, can be made workable.  If we took the money we invest in weapons and war and turned it towards solving this and other problems, we could have it working in no time.

     The fractional reserve system is another thing that needs to go.  It milks the economy dry to manufacture powerful billionaire elite.  This does not benefit mankind or nature.

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